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I offer Yoga therapy and individualized one-to-one Yoga sessions as well as for teaching group Yoga classes, private or public.

Everyone who can breath can create their personal formula for lasting transformations, inner peace and wholehearted living. This way I will help you unfolding your full potential.

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Yoga Therapy or a Private are one-on-one classes where we work with a specific issue of problem. It’s a mind-body approach that can be helpful when your Flow just isn’t there and you feel stuck in life. When having a hard time making decisions or like to work on changing your habits. But don’t hesitate to call me for a private when there are problems like psychosis, stress & anxiety related issues, trauma or depression. I am educated and experienced and very willing to help you if I can!


My teachings are based on the tradition of Krishnamacharya. His teaching was based on this principle — “Teach what is appropriate for each individual”. In this tradition there are no rules but guidelines. This is for everyone who breaths and with the willingness to practice. You will develop life changes by learning how your yoga practice make sense for you. We keep it simple and consistent. Move with the breath and challenge yourself with wisdom. This practice will empower and balance you.


Svastha Yoga of Krishnamacharya: Therapy Program

In this professional program on yoga therapy with dr. Ganesh Mohan and Gunter Niessen, we aim to bring you the most effective aspects of traditional yoga and Ayurveda combined with modern medicine. Specific guidelines for different conditions and general treatment principles will be detailed, empowering you to safely and effectively address disabilities and ill- health through yoga.


Learn simple, effective tools to relax, in order to focus your attention on the wonderful experiences occurring in your body. Gain enormous benefits for yourself and your baby by practicing safe gentle movements combined with active conscious breathing techniques. You will learn the role of breath towards delivery. The asanas (exercise or movements) can be personalized to cater to individual needs, especially as the pregnancy progresses. Read More.

Are you ready to find inner peace and a wholehearted living?


I am a yoga teacher and community psychiatric nurse (RN) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For the last 17 years I’ve been working in the field of psychiatry while practicing yoga; I started teaching yoga nine years ago. I am a multi-passionate mum. Little things can inspire me and create a little flame in my heart and a written idea in my Moleskine notebook. I Love to draw, write and make photo’s. Traveling the world on my own and dance with friends. I should sleep a little bit more and I don’t like people who judge others because they are different Original.

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Personal pillars Anneke

  • Love is my religion.
  • Creativity lights up my road.
  • Imperfection is beauty.
  • Vulnerability is my teacher.
  • Awake intuition.
  • Coloring out of the lines is fun.
  • Sharing is Caring.
  • Yes I can.

8 core values of THoL (in any order)

  • Yoga is personal.
  • Connection is key.
  • (Self-) compassion rules.
  • Gratitude is King & Queen.
  • Destruction is part of the process.
  • You are your own Guru.
  • Freedom is a birthright.
  • Take yoga off the mat, into the world.

The Yoga

My teachings are based on the tradition of Krishnamacharya. His teaching was based on this principle: “Teach what is appropriate for each individual”. In this tradition there are no rules but guidelines. This is for everyone who breaths and with the willingness to practice. I am grateful to learn about these principles by the Mohan family.
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The Mind

The Mind always intrigued me. I work in mental health facilities since 1998. First as a psychiatric nurse and now as a community psychiatric nurse. What is this ‘Mind’ and what does it mean to have a healthy Mind? When is a Mind in-order and when dis-ordered? What has Mind to do with a healthy body and a happy life? And what role plays the Mind in Yoga? Can meditation change the Mind? Read Journal and wonder with me.
Work your Mind


As a woman and especially now being a mother I am aware of my circular existence. Moon cycles, body cycles and life cycles are more of my awareness. The better the understanding the more Flow in life. ‘Original Mama’ was born when I was pregnant and focuses on the power of Womanhood. Read JOURNAL for more on Original Mama.
Original Mama

Yoga Unplugged

Let’s face it, we’re ‘plugged in’ many hours of our days. Do we have space for play, movement, storytelling, being unplugged? To receive reflections of vulnerability, unravel our protection layers, see our true nature and touch a sense of Bliss. Charge your system with Love and inspiration. Yoga and live music for Love, Peace and a calm mind. Check the Journal and Event pages for the next Yoga Unplugged.
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The House of Love

The House of Love (since 2010) is presented by a Honu (turtle) with a Heart. This Honu symbolizes the one who carries her House with her and feels Home where the Heart is.

Under this roof my projects come alive. It’s about living Yoga, Love & compassion, unite and care about the world.

The House of Love believes in every persons self healing ability and helps people to become conscious. First of their breath, body and mind. And help to find consciousness of the power of their actions for themselves and others. This can lead to personal but also social change.

This is why I believe that a better world is possible – Breath by Breath.



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